Pay the Lowest crypto tax

Syla is designed by Australian Tax Professionals so you can minimise your crypto tax, safely.
Lowest Tax First Out (LTFO) - exclusive
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Designed by Australian Tax Professionals
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Don't overpay on crypto tax

There is something far more impactful than any hack, rug-pull or exchange insolvency, that should be top-of-mind for every Australian crypto investor - it’s called tax.

Up to 47% of your gains go to the ATO

Once you earn over $180,000 per year, you’ll be sending up to 47% of any additional income straight to the ATO - ouch!

Opportunities to lower tax are complicated

You need a lifetime of experience to apply Australia’s complex tax legislation and take advantage of every opportunity available to lower your tax.
But, wouldn’t it be nice if there was an easy way to ensure you don’t pay anymore tax than you are legally required?

Meet Syla

Australia’s crypto tax software with the lowest tax outcome.

Pay the lowest tax

Syla takes advantage of specific opportunities in Australian tax law, to minimise your tax.

Eliminate your risk

Australia’s most accurate Crypto Data Model (CDM) ensures every tax outcome is captured and reported correctly.

Designed by Australian Tax Professionals

Smart tax logic implemented by Australia’s leading team of Crypto Tax Professionals.

How it works

You get your data in, and Syla does the hard work.


Sync data in by API or import your CSV files.


View all your transactions, balances and tax outcomes in one place.


Your ATO compliant Crypto Tax Report is waiting for you.

Lowest tax outcomes

We’ve taken our years of experience working with Australian crypto investors, and added smart tax-logic into Syla to ensure you get the best tax outcomes. All while remaining 100% compliant to ATO requirements.

50% CGT discount

You’ll cut your capital gains in half, when you hold eligible assets for longer than 12 months.

Lowest-Tax First-Out (LTFO)

Syla intelligently selects the parcel that will produce the lowest tax using our proprietary LTFO method.

Capture every fee

Syla takes every opportunity to capture fees and claim tax deductions.

Eliminate your tax risk

It’s no good claiming the lowest tax, unless you can sleep easy knowing that you aren’t at risk. Syla directly interprets Australian tax law to ensure it is applied correctly to your crypto transactions.

Comprehensive Tax Report

Capture every tax classification in detail on your Crypto Tax Report, so you can declare correctly with confidence.

Assurance Reports

Even the ATO will be satisfied knowing every tax outcome has been recorded in perfect detail.

Accurate Crypto Data Model (CDM)

Every transaction recorded in perfect detail exactly as it occurred. Ensuring tax is always correctly applied.

Designed by Australian Tax Professionals

Syla is proudly designed by Australian Tax Professionals for Australian Crypto Investors. This is how we have been able to achieve the lowest tax outcomes, with the highest accuracy.

Designed by Australian Tax Professionals

Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA)
Chartered Accountant (CA)
SMSF Specialist Advisor (SSA)
Tax Lawyer (LLB)
Chartered Valuation Surveyor
Registered Tax Agent

100% Australian Owned and Operated

Our attention is 100% focussed and dedicated to the Australian market, ensuring that you get the lowest tax outcomes without sacrificing accuracy.

Government Supported

Backed and supported by the Australian Federal Government and Queensland State Government.