Power your crypto portfolio with a comprehensive suite of tax and accounting features.

Track your portfolio

Monitor your entire crypto portfolio in one place with Syla. The dashboard allows you to see your overall portfolio holdings, wallets and recent transactions at a glance.

Syla doesn’t just help you with your tax, you can also analyse your portfolio performance and witness your wealth grow.

Connect all your data sources

Syla provides an efficient uploading process for all your exchanges, wallets and other services.

API and Blockchain Sync

Keep pace with your cryptocurrency investments as Syla enables data sync to digital currency exchanges and public blockchains.

CSV Upload

Syla simplifies the uploading of CSV files from platforms that may not support API and Blockchain Sync.  

Syla does the work

Syla auto-classifies, matches and interprets your transactions, easily processing your crypto activity for you.  Syla accomplishes this through:


Based on Syla’s extensive knowledge of real-world crypto data, transactions are automatically identified and classified for your convenience.


Syla utilises AI and smart Fuzzy Matching programming logic to automatically select internal transfers between your platforms and crypto-wallets.

Crypto Events

Syla applies the correct tax treatment to events such as chainsplits, airdrops and chain-migrations, that are otherwise difficult to interpret.

Simplify complicated crypto transactions

Syla has the power to capture and interpret details of highly complex transactions, and simplify them into a format that is easy to understand.

Syla provides the highest level of accuracy and certainty in the industry by ensuring every layer of transaction data is captured.

Crypto Data Model (CDM)

Syla is underpinned by its incredibly advanced CDM, allowing even the most complex transactions to be captured with complete accuracy.

Accurate and extensive tax reports

Syla has been coded with Australia’s tax rules to ensure all calculations are compliant. With Syla you can achieve the lowest tax outcomes that are legally possible.

Syla equips you with relevant insights and tax reports, directly from your transaction data, so you can make smart decisions.

Market Valuations

Syla’s comprehensive database of reference pricing data is used for valuing all of your transactions in AUD. 

Tax Optimisation

Syla’s exclusive Lowest Tax First Out (LTFO) parcel matching algorithm allows you to pay the lowest tax possible in Australia.

Tax Assurance

Syla is specifically designed for the Australian market by our local team of highly qualified crypto tax professionals. Syla has been programmed with the rules from Australian Tax Law, to deliver you the best results with confidence.

Partner program for accountants

Syla also supports accountants in preparing crypto tax reports for their clients who have cryptocurrency activity.  

With Syla’s exclusive features, you no longer need to be a crypto-expert to assist your clients.

Crypto Data Hub

By managing all of your crypto clients and collecting their data throughout the year, Syla ensures that everything you need for tax planning and compliance work is always within your reach.

Professional Tax Reports

Syla helps you manage your clients’ crypto tax compliance with accurate and detailed reports. The underlying tax calculations are implemented by Australian tax professionals.


To help you cater to the requirements of your SMSF clients, Syla provides built-in support for transferring data into BGL SF360.

Share your portfolio
your way

Syla offers you the opportunity to share your portfolio – either on a professional level with a financial adviser, financial planner or wealth mentor, or on a more personal level with your mates and family.

Portfolio Sharing

Syla’s portfolio sharing feature has different levels of visibility, allowing you to decide whether you want to show your allocation of assets, your ROI or the actual figures, for any purpose you need.

Now, you can share more valuable insights from your portfolio and performance.

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