About Syla

How Syla is powering your crypto wealth

Future of finance

We are currently in the midst of a global shift, from the legacy financial system of old, to the financial system of the future. This new system, underpinned by blockchain infrastructure, has already shown to be more transparent, efficient and inclusive on a global scale.

If you want to be involved in the future of finance, you need a new breed of blockchain native tools that automate tax and accounting for your investment portfolio.

You’ve found it.

Who is Syla?

Developed by professional Australian accountants and tax experts, Syla is built on foundations of accounting exactness. With implementation by the best blockchain software engineers, Syla achieves efficiency through automation. Syla is the leading solution to crypto tax and compliance.

Syla equips investors, traders and businesses with the certainty and accuracy needed to own and manage cryptocurrency investments in a smart and simple way.

Lead with Syla

Syla is an integral part of the compliance infrastructure required to bridge the gap between the complex nature of cryptocurrency transactions and the need for people to record and understand their investment data.

Whether you want to own cryptocurrency, have a desire to understand how your crypto investments are performing or need to produce compliant tax reports, Syla solves your tax and portfolio challenges and powers your long-term financial success.


Syla was born in 2018 from the frustrations and challenges of dealing with crypto  and blockchain tax compliance. Traditional accounting and portfolio management  tools just couldn’t handle the bleeding edge crypto transactions that were  occurring back then, let alone the explosion in complex financial instruments that  we now see today.

Since then, Syla has been evolving and constantly developing.

Powered by the AI-driven tax engine, Syla is here to support your cryptocurrency investments with the best tax outcomes.
Crypto Tax Research and Validation
The development of the Crypto Data Model (CDM)
Implementation of smart AI matching and proprietary tax optimisation
Funding grants received from
Australian Federal Government and
Queensland State Government
Automated Tax Planning and Optimisation
Advanced portfolio management