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Syla has been selected as an approved tax integration partner for every major Australian crypto exchange.

Support for over 500+ exchange, blockchain and wallet integrations which have been purpose-built for Australian crypto investors.
Data secured in Australia
Smart classifications
Reliable data feeds
Approved tax integration partners

500+ integrations

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Assisted Import

Can’t find your exchange?

Our industry first, Exchange Import Guarantee, means we’ll add support for any eligible Exchange CSV file, at no additional cost. Just reach out to our support team through the in-app chat, and we’ll help you get it sorted.
API Sync

Effortless API data feeds

Every integration is custom-built by our team to ensure accurate imports for Australian investors. Our industry-leading API data feeds provide effortless syncing of transactions directly from your exchange or blockchain, into Syla.

Simple setup

Simple and easy to follow instructions to get your exchange connected and transactions imported into Syla.

Secure read-only data feeds

Syla protects you by rejecting API keys that provide excessive permissions, ensuring you can always safely sync data from your exchange.
Secure integrations


Every integration is reviewed by a tax professional to ensure that smart classifications are as meaningful and accurate as possible. Ensuring you can easily calculate your tax and safely claim every available deduction.
Reviewed by Registered Tax Agent

Track your tax position year-round

Data feeds make it easy to keep your transaction history up to date, allowing you to track your tax position year-round.
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Let's get started!

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We’ll help your team to implement an industry-leading data format and tax integration for your customers.
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