Syla solves crypto tax for Australia

View your entire crypto portfolio at a glance and pay the lowest tax possible. Built by Australian crypto tax professionals.

Designed by Australian Tax Accountants

ATO compliant

Available exclusively in Australia

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SYLA engine

Save tax with the powerful AI-driven Syla engine

Eliminate tedious tax calculations and reconciliations with Syla’s exclusive tax algorithms and auto-classification features.

Stay confident knowing your reports are compliant to Australian tax rules and backed by Australian crypto tax professionals.

Built for Australians

Other crypto platforms are built for generic global audiences, so they don’t maximise all Australian tax opportunities. Syla is built for Australians, so you can ensure you pay the lowest tax and you can be certain with the results. Syla takes a bespoke approach, with different account types suited for:

Australian Businesses
Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF)

Exclusive features for optimal tax outcomes

Think of Syla as your crypto compliance engine that powers your portfolio. Syla captures even the most complex crypto transactions with ease. Exclusive features such as LTFO (Lowest Tax First Out), detailed tax reports and a comprehensive audit trail ensure you pay the lowest tax possible and remove risk.

Optimising for tax keeps more of your wealth invested, so your portfolio can compound and grow.


Created by crypto tax professionals

The team at Syla is at the forefront of the crypto tax industry and has extensive expertise in managing investor, trader and business portfolios. You can be assured that all of our knowledge is constantly synced to Syla, so the best tax results are achieved.

You can invite your accountant or finance professional, so they can assist you with your tax strategy and meeting your investment goals.

Audit Trail Report

Syla provides a complete list of every taxable event that occurred to your crypto portfolio. This comprehensive report is your ultimate defence to justify your tax outcomes to the ATO and minimise your risk.

No missing fees

Syla never misses an opportunity to capture fees and claim deductions.

By capturing all fees and linking to the corresponding transaction, Syla ensures you are never left in the dark about how much you are paying and what you can claim.

With Syla, you have full control over every facet of your crypto tax and reporting.

Accurate Classification

Syla creates a hassle-free experience with accurate transaction classifications.

Tax reports are all proudly designed for Australians by trusted crypto tax professionals.

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