Syla launches crypto tax platform for the 2022 tax year, built for accountants

Crypto + Tax?

Two words that would have brought a sense of unease to any accounting professional in Australia. The very nature of the investment, with it’s hard to interpret activity and large transaction counts, has made it all but impossible to reconcile portfolios and still retain confidence in the correctness of the tax outcomes.

One of Australia’s first crypto accounting firms, Kova Tax, has been solving this challenge over the last three years. After receiving funding from the Australian Federal Government they are now launching a solution that has been built, at scale, for all Australian Accountants.

Syla is launching on 30 June to empower Australian Accountants and Tax Professionals to solve crypto tax for their clients. Syla was built to meet a growing need to solve crypto tax, not just for high net worth investors, but specifically for tax professionals who need to solve crypto tax for their clients. With the launch of Syla, Australian Accountants can now confidently deliver compliance services to their crypto clients.

  • Syla’s tax logic is designed by experienced crypto tax professionals at Kova Tax
  • Syla is funded by the Australian Federal Government and Queensland State Government
  • Syla creates comprehensive tax reports designed for Australian accounting professionals.

Partner Program

Syla will be taking on a limited cohort of tax professionals through our early access program, where we will work with you one-on-one to solve your clients’ crypto tax.

  • Your success contact
  • One-on-one support and training
  • Guided start to finish process for your first clients
The learning curve when it comes to crypto can be very steep. So even with the right software, Accountants still need the additional support to quickly get up to speed on their clients’ activity - explains Co-Founder, Nick Christie.

The Partner Program has no cost for accounting professionals.

Deliver Better Client Outcomes

Syla is powered by smart-logic and client-specific tax optimisation that delivers better tax outcomes for investors, helping them to save on tax and grow their crypto wealth. Syla helps Accountants to maximise the value delivered to their clients.

  • AI-driven tax engine automatically applies tax treatment to transactions
  • Exclusive tax optimisation specific to your clients’ individual tax settings
  • Claim all eligible expenses, losses and deductions

With the launch of Syla, there is now a credible solution for Australian tax professionals to solve crypto tax for their clients this financial year ended 30 June 2022. Accountants who need to solve crypto tax can register for Syla’s Partner Program here.

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