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Syla and BGL have integrated to offer instant sync of cryptocurrency transactions for SMSFs, eliminating tedious manual journals and simplifying compliance work for accountants.
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Syla integration with BGL

Syla, a leading Australian crypto tax software, has announced its integration with BGL to enable instant syncing of crypto transaction history into their client SMSFs. The integration offers accountants and SMSF administrators a hassle-free way to comply with the requirements set out in the SIS Act for crypto investments in SMSFs.

The integration with BGL allows accountants to instantly sync crypto transaction data from any crypto exchange into BGL Simple Fund 360 and Simple Invest 360, eliminating the need for tedious manual journals for every purchase and sale of cryptocurrency. The integration ensures that compliance work can be easily sorted and all transactions are SIS Act compliant.

Maryna Kovalenko, Tax Founder at Syla, commented on the launch of the integration, saying, “Accountants and SMSF administrators can now feel empowered to solve crypto SMSFs, instead of being worried about how to get it done.”

The integration has been designed to make compliance for SMSFs with crypto a hassle-free experience. Each crypto asset is clearly stated on the Investment Summary Report, and every CGT event is recorded to calculate capital gains or loss. Additionally, every other source of income, such as interest, staking, and crypto airdrops, is also recorded.

The integration is available for BGL products, including Simple Fund 360 and Simple Invest 360. To celebrate the launch of the integration, Syla is offering a 33.33% discount on all Plus and Pro plans for Accountants and their SMSFs. Use the code SMSFAN before the 15 May compliance deadline. Accountants can also enquire through Syla's Partner Program.

Nick Christie, Co-Founder at Syla, added, “An SMSF with crypto investments could be a bit of a trauma inducing experience in the past, particularly when it came to compliance work. The tedious entry of manual journals for every crypto purchase and sale, surely sent many Accountants close to madness. With the launch of this integration between Syla and BGL, we’ve really flipped the experience entirely around. Manual journals are out, and instant sync is in. Accountants can now easily solve crypto SMSFs, instead of avoiding them.”

Solve crypto SMSFs with BGL + Syla, instead of avoiding them.

Register to attend our free live 1-hour webinar on Wednesday 17 May 2023 at 12:30 AEST, where you can witness the integration in action and gain more insights from BGL and Syla.

About Syla

Syla is Australian crypto tax software that has been purpose-built to meet Australian tax legislation. Accountants use Syla to easily import their clients’ crypto transaction data and accurately calculate tax outcomes. Syla’s support team of Australian tax professionals makes it the easiest way to start solving crypto tax in public practice. For more information, please visit


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